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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ten ten one!

listen very carefully and TRY NOT TO LAUGH... promise?

Monday, April 24, 2006

When thse babies start to blister WATCH OUT MICHELLE PFEIFFER!

Jim carey's Buffed, Beautiful and Bitchin'
Super funny!!!

Saturday, April 15, 2006


oh horrible horrible lecturers are inevitable in the educational system. I have gone through a lot of unreasonable, arrogant and unappreciative teaches in my 19 years of living in this earth... oh believe me.

Just when i thought my struggle with horrible teachers are over... here comes a fat English lady with humongous boobs.. worst part is, she isnt even my lecturer!

She's a woman whom i call a living proof that dinosaurs are not extinct.. Almost everyone in the Fashion Marketing course hates her and i can see why..

The other day was the submission of my white shirt project. Hywel, my lecturer was in Shanghai so he wasnt there to collect our stuff.. so he asked this woman to collect our stuff.. as i handed in mine, first, she critized the way i wrote my name...

*funny English/irish accent with a hint of sarcasm:"I dont know if youre being artistic or what but if we cant read your andwriting we're not going to mark your project"

me: oh, ok *searches for a pen

lecturer: alright just hang your shirt there

me: oh, i did not hang my shirt i wrapped it *smiles

lecturer: Well, thats pretty damn stupid then!!

me: *shocked* Excuse me? why is that stupid? Nobody told me to hang my shirt!
*points finger at her * and im not stupid!

lecturer: *sarcastic* well then prove it to me!

Teaches should not use such careless words to students. If you want your students to respect you, respect them,. choose your words diplomatically..

My school almost has no rules at all.. and it is up to me whether to hang my shirt or wrap it in paper, its none of your business because youre not in charge of marking my work.. even if you are that's the way I want to present my work. I wasnt instructed to hang my white shirt and i wont.

I told hywel about this and im glad that he said he had total faith in me and yun,(who also suffered an ordeal)

I will not be intimidated like the others who just look down and swallow harsh criticizms (unless constructive). and I will fight for what i believe in.. i may be all smiles but if you are crossing the line i will do everything to bring you to the place where the sun doesnt shine. Watch me.

anyway, here's a look at my white shirt. This was taken with the mock up (which honestly looked better than the actual one)

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

and here's one of the drawings i did today!

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Spice Girls Reunited!

Image hosting by Photobucket

More raunchy photos from the FIOS launch when you scroll down down down down

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Bag of balls

What a crazy depressing week it has been. it's been a week of misunderstandings between, family friends, and loved ones. some resolved, some dangling on a cliff, the other totally blurry. and the drag is really getting me.

Just now while waitng for the bus home, i was reading a book by Gary Richmond I'ts a Jungle Out There and it was basically about him and his experiences being a zoo keeper and how he relates it to his christian life. So there was this one chapter where he was talking about how the zoo would be a great place to work if you could just keep the poeple out- this old lady who goes to the LA zoo often, one day brought a bag of rubber balls and started throwing them to the animals at the zoo coz she thought that they were all bored.. they probably were, however it resulted to some of the animals eating the balls, and the lioness in particular had the ball stuck in her canines, and they had to operate on the lioness to take it out..

basically the moral of the story was looking into intentions or motives that were pure, but doing the wrong thing for the right reason.
Im sure the old lady didnt intend for that to happend, and she just thought that by suppling some toys to the animals it would do them a favour.. however the opposite happened..

same like what ive been going through lately. Well, think of me as the old lady, in two very different sets of situations... make that 3.

It all had to come in the same time... juggle mommy- daughter problem, friends misunderstanding intentions, and boyfriend protecting- his- brother situation (resolved).
so not funny.

But in this, i have learned a lot of lessons. i am not the same person as i was last week.. and not the same tomorrow. we all have to face the world every single day and its a struggle to survive. you have to plan every route every word and instruction, but mistakes are inevitable and by doing so, you learn.. and forgive.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


Yesterday was the launch of the Fashion Institute of Singapore, or FIOS. This event was initiated my my very own lecturer Mr. Hywel Davies, and someother important people in Sinagpore's fahion industry.

This event or rather this institute is hopefully the beginning of something great here in singapore... please let it be. I dont want to be wasting my time and energy going to school just to attain piece of paper in the end.

i want my college life worth the while. Which at the moment really is not. Somehow, i am more drawn to the extra curricular activities; such as helping out with the school paper and helping out with the launch of FIOS, rather than the EXTRA boring school work which the college program gives.

The day before yesterday I attended a meeting with some VERY important people from my college... sadly i dont remember any of their names, but i have a clear memory of their faces. They were all from England and they were the ones assessing the whole college. I was there along with the other class reps (can you believe im a class representative...) and they were probably expecting mostly good feedback, but truth of the matter is, be bombarded them with complaints that the college doesnt provide all the equiptments needed for out schoolwork such as space.. which was one of the main issues.. we also told them that school work was dead boring, which really is.. i dont enjoy doing any of my school work at all. I find myself asking why i am in this college and why am i not in such and such school.. plus tuition fee is not cheap compared to other art institutions.

*and i am drifting away from my main topic*

Ahh yes, I am sure you all are wondering why "F-I-O-S spells EMBARASSING" well, you'll find out soon enough.

In the event my classmates and i volunteered to help out with some things like being ushers, and' perfume ladies'.. well, i was one of the perfume ladies along with Yun. We had to give out samples of the FIOS perfume, Intitiation No.1 (first perfume to ever be launched here in Singapore). it was good because i get to mingle around a bit with the VIPs. In the crowd was Mark Eley from Eley Kishimoto; a very importaint man in the fashion industry and Theseus Chan whos in cahrge of Comme Des Garcon here in singapore. I knew most of them were VIPs because they were in the VIP room, i recognized some poeple but i didnt know who most of them were, so i tried to mingle a bit, but i found myself in a loss of words because i didnt know what to tell old people and my little inferiority complex started kicking in as i wanted to approach mr mark Eley. I wasnt able to at first, but put that aside and read on...

So after that giving out of perfumes business, The party started and me and Yun started on our Champagne luxury..

and you can guess what happened next.

anyways, to cut the long story short, i had one too many drinks,and was talking to a lot of people including Mr. Eley, and the school's dean, and the president and CEO of lasalle, and some other board memebers, cant remember what ive been telling them but i think it was embarrasing.. and then after the launch we went to a club called HAPPY, but it didnt really turned out to be happy because, as i as flipping through the pages of the Street Portraits book i was looking for my name, couldnt find it and when i found it it was not exactly my name....... it was Patricia CHIA... i cried and i cried because of that at first but after a while the topics shifted a little bit beyond that so Joshy my darling thought it was time for us to go home.

yea,, the only reason why it was embarassing is because i didnt carry myself well in the end. i let the lure of alcohol take control of my feelings and emotions, it was really fun at the beginning, but it turned out pretty sad afterwards... next time, i shall control.
Thank you Joshua for being there. i love You

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Here we go!

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

*sits and types,

FINALLY... an update!!

well, lets just say i dont find the internet as fun as watching TV.. Im more of a couch potato than a surfer.

so anyways, for those of you who dont really see me that often and are DYING to know whats been up, well a lot of the usual activities, such as school and work, but many interesting events on the sidelines.

There's a cat at my place who's very horny day and night. Random you say.... but try sleeping peacefuly with a fat gray cat singing his furrballs out finding the ultimate ease. Try picturing Pavarotti and an old lady having a duet... Horrible... somebody, please find that cat a mate.

on the softer side, just last friday, i hosted the opening of the Kajima Fashion Botique Gallery at NAFA. It was my first time being an MC for an event... it's not a HUGE event though, it's just a humble fashion show shocasing NAFA student's designs, however one of the guests of honour was the senior minister's wife; Mrs. Goh Tan Choo Leng (boy that took me a long time to memorize for some reason) which made it very scary on my part, not that she meant anything to me, but the thought of having someone important to listen to you was pretty nerve wracking.. and the aircon didnt help too.

and here i go again slipping away from the internet.... noooooo i will stay glued to the internet... but have silkscreen to do.... that can wait... but workcheck is tomorrow.. nevermind, Ina's a nice lecturer.... but i failed last VORKcheck..... no you didnt... just one part coz u didnt bring your Vork...coz i didnt do my vork.... vork vork vork!!!! (lecturer ahd the yougoslavian/american accent thing going on)... anyvays, it's been fun typing. i'll see you again next time, till we meet again.

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